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Reliability Lab

TN Mounting press


  1. Your mounts will be finished in extremely short time 9-12 mins with powerful heating element.
  2. The conventional presses is only 50-70 kg/mm
  3. Full automatic hydraulic press system and cooling system.
  4. Adjustable of heating/cooling time.
  5. It keeps a very low noice level


TN Mounting press

Cylinder dia

ψ32mm(special required could be order made)

Pressure system

Full automatic hydraulic press system

Mounting q'ty

1 pcs per time

Temperature control

0 - 399℃

Heating time control

1-30 min

Cooling time control

1-30 min

Power consumption


Machine style

Floor top

Cooling unit

Water inlet, magenatic solenoid auto control


220v 3ψ60hz

Standard accessories

Water pump 1pc ,Mould realse oil 1 bottle, Mounting resin 1 kg,Resin spon 1pc, Funnet 1 pc, Sample clip 1 pc,