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Digital water test meter


  1. This product is based on JIS K 0102 65.2.1 Diphenylcarbazide Absorptiometry. This is quantification by absorptiometry of purple-red color material made out from Chromium Hexavalent and Diphenylcarbazide in acid liquid.
  2. Cr6+ in various sample water like factory waste water, river water, lake water, etc. can be measured by an easy operation. Total Cr can also be measured with after a pretreatment of sample.
  3. Also this is applicable for Cr6+ measurement in dissolved liquid from screw, etc. which is an object of RoHS directive.


Digital water test meter

Measurement Principle

Absorptiometry with coloring reagent (LED)

Water Temp. Condition

20℃~25℃ (excluding dew condensation)

Power Source & Battery Life

Dry Battery x 3 pcs, about 2500 tests

Auto Power OFF

10 minutes after stopping operation/measurement

Weight & Dimensions

200g (including Battery), W68xL145xH48mm

Protection Structure

IP65 (anti jet-stream type)

Measuring cup Dimensions


Standard Accessories

Measuring cup x 5, Dry Battery x 3, Manual x 1, DPM directions x 1